Bluetooth and Zigbee 

Bluetooth devices are pretty common these days, Smart phone controlled Embedded devices. The future is closing in as we know it, home automation is rising as well. Hobbyists thought of a way to sync them to our trusty Avr. From simple hobby kits to humanoid robotics, the possibilities are endless.

Zigbee technology is an industry-standard and Xbee is the name of the module. Wireless communication technology is widely used by Zigbee applications such as wireless sensor networks, Zigbee home automation systems, industrial automation, remote control systems, medical care equipment, agriculture automation. In all these communication technologies. Zigbee is a trending international standard for wireless communication technology. Zigbee communication is a specification used to create a communication protocol that creates a network built from low-power digital radios. Zigbee technology is an IEEE 802.15.4 standard. It can communicate up to 100m when it is placed to communicate with other Zigbee module, but it can communicate over long distances when it is connected in mesh technology. Zigbee is used when we require a low data rate application with long battery life and secure network. Zigbee Technology is a low cost, low power, easy to install, low maintenance, and comes with multiple topologies. These specifications made Zigbee protocol available for usage in a wide range of applications. This article discusses a list of ZigBee based projects for engineering students.

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