Avr Projects  

Pick the newest and awesome Avr microcontroller based projects at Mesoln for better understanding how powerful AVR is. 

The AVR is a modified Harvard architecture 8-bit RISC single chip microcontroller where program and data are stored in separate physical memory systems that appear in different address spaces, but having the ability to read data items from program memory using special instructions.

Once check the list of projects in which AVR microcontroller are used. You may get detailed information about all those projects by clicking on any of the particular project idea..

The AVR microcontroller from ATMEL is widely used in embedded applications. The below list of AVR Microcontroller Tutorials and AVR Projects helps you to learn AVR series of microcontrollers  from very basic level to advanced applications. Most of these projects are built with the ATmega16/Atmega32 Microcontroller and will be programmed using the Atmel Studio. All projects will be provided with tutorials and are explained with neat circuit diagram, code and hardware demonstration.

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